Invest in gold

Purchase and sale of Gold in Monaco

You own family gold? In these times of economic crisis, are you looking for a safe haven value?

Come to Riviera Change, the specialist in sales and purchase of precious metals in the principality of Monaco.

Payment in cash accepted up to 30 000 €.

With one of the best stock availability of the area, Riviera Change teams are at your service to fulfill your commands under the best financial and safety conditions.
Invest in gold! The purchase price is free from tax!

Invest in GOLD! No tax due on the purchase!
  • Coins : Napoléon, sovereign..
  • Platelets : 5g, 10g, 20g
  • Ounce of Gold signed by Jean Paul Gautier (on request)
  • Small ingots : 20g, 100g, 500g
  • Ingots
Gold a good gift idea?

Offer gold, an original gift and a gift able to produce added value. We regularly sell to parents, grandparents, gold for gifts to their children or grandchildren. A surprising gift that will undoubtedly amaze the beneficiary.

Gold is a sure value that goes through time. It can allow you to help your children or grandchildren build up capital to secure the future. They can retain them and then exchange them if necessary to finance a project. This gift will also be a way to awaken them to the story.


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